the art of stress-free productivity

You want to successfully drive your projects, be (more) productive and keep your joy in the matter?
Then this two-day training is for you.


You learn and experience how helpful tools can improve your work-life and how to implement those that have the greatest value for you personally.


How can you be highly productive while keeping stress low?

It works by knowing yourself well, using your natural strengths and complementing them pragmatically with effective tools. This is how you can easily create the circumstances you need to make your work-life easier and create your best results. 


After the training you will have answers to the following questions:

How do I manage to have enough time and energy to complete all my tasks?

How can I be better organized to be productive and successful?

How can I find motivation and foster my intrinsic motivation?

What are my natural strengths?

Which types of tasks give me energy and which ones deplete me?

What information do I need to work effectively and in which form do I need it?

Where are my "blind spots" and how can I balance them out?

How can I create my optimal work environment?

How can I improve my working style to make my work-life easier?