Collaboration Excellence

radical collaboration for radical innovation

Cross-organizational alliances and cross-functional collaboration have become an integral element of modern innovation. Open innovation and technology transfer are door openers for radical, disruptive inventions. 
They work best in an enviroment that supports radical collaboration.

Less than optimal framework conditions, communication barriers, "not-invented-here-syndrome" and the challenge to reconcile differing perspectives: these hurdles represent the primary challenges for cooperation projects and are often the main reasons for failure.

Sustainable success is created by a radical (= lat. from the root) collaboration culture that keeps a focus on the larger perspective.

After this training you know...

... the prerequisites for interdisciplinary collaboration and how to create them,
... the barriers to successful, rewarding colloboration and how to overcome them,
... effective ways for dealing with difficulties in communication,

... how to lead constructive negotiation,

... creative tools for collaborative problem solving.


1    Optimal conditions for collaboration

  • Essential inner and outer factors
  • Creating a collaborative eco-system


2    Creative problem solving

  • the potential of differing perspectives
  • creativity techniques for surprising solutions


3     Radical collaboration

  • from red zone to green zone
  • win-win negotiation and conflict resolution