The culture of intrapreneurship leverages entrepreneurial spirit from within organizations, creating a win-win for companies and their employees.


Intrapreneurs acting as „inside entrepreneurs“ are the self-motivated, self-organizing and self-developing driving force for modern innovation.


Establishing Intrapreneurship may require some paradigm shifts for most companies today, but can be successfully developed taking one small step at a time.

cococo can help you to find the best approach for your organization.

trainings for intrapreneurs

innovation toolkit

How to turn your idea into a convincing concept

In the early phase of innovation you have more questions than answers.
At the same time you are expected to judge the potential of an idea as reliably as possible.
Stakeholders, partners and sponsors are to be convinced.
How can you identify and safeguard the most critical aspects right from the start with minimal resources?

desigN thinking I

You want to experience Design Thinking in practice, understand the principles and learn
the most common tools?

Design Thinking II

You want to establish Design Thinking in your organization, plan and facilitate your own projects and workshops?